Your smile says a lot about you. It relates you to the outside world… it tells people how you feel about yourself… some say it’s a window to your soul. An attractive smile is a valuable asset, so you should be happy and confident with the appearance of your smile.Big, Bright, White Smile

However, if the color of your teeth is making smiling uncomfortable for you, professional tooth whitening by your dentist may give you the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted… and more importantly, the desire to smile!

Just as people have different skin and hair color, they also have different tooth color. Your natural tooth color can be discoloured by a number of different causes. The surfaces of your teeth may be stained by tobacco use, certain foods or beverages such as coffee, tea, colas and berries or chocolate, or by deposits of calculus or tartar. Moreover, internal discoloration of the teeth may result from aging, injury, excessive fluoride and other causes.

A professional consultation with your dentist is the place to start.

Stained teeth and naturally dark teeth can be brightened with an easy to use professional tooth whitening system provided by your dentist. The dentist can determine if your teeth will be receptive to the whitening process. If you elect to whiten your teeth, the dentist will then fabricate a custom-fitted delivery system to position the whitening gel (which you’ll use at home) against the surfaces of your teeth.

The degree of desired color change as well as the depth of the stains or darkness will determine the length of treatment in individual cases, however usually two weeks of twice-daily (at home) whitening treatment will return your teeth to their original color.

One note of caution. You should whiten your teeth prior to having any visible white fillings or porcelain crowns replaced because the whitening process will not brighten these restorations. You should consider waiting at least two weeks following your whitening treatments to insure that the shade of your teeth has stabilized, before undertaking any additional esthetic dental work.

Twice-daily brushing, daily flossing and regular professional cleanings – along with occasional touch-up treatments can keep your teeth white and bright, so that you can once again enjoy total confidence in exercising your smile.

Yours for better dental health,

Dr. Jim Hallam