Anti-Aging Dentistry Can Help You Look Younger, Vibrant & Healthy!

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Dr. Allen Sun of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. Allen Sun, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

Let’s face it… aging isn’t always pretty, and mouths are no exception.

Previous generations accepted the idea that their smiles would eventually deteriorate, and there was little that could be done to rectify the situation because older people suffer tooth loss and gum recession, along with other dental problems. While these problems are nothing to smile about, thankfully times have changed. 

If you’re over “a certain age” and want to feel great about your smile, we can make it happen at the Laurentian Dental Centre because we have the technology and expertise to restore vitality and youthfulness to your smile that can help you to look as young as you feel. No matter what signs of aging you see in your mirror, anti-aging dentistry can rejuvenate your appearance.

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Look as young as you feel!

Anyone who has gone through the aging process, or has just entered the threshold, can tell you the process can be a surreal experience because inwardly you tend to feel as you did in your youth, while arguing that fact with your image being reflected in the mirror. 

Many otherwise healthy individuals have committed to fighting the process with anti-aging dentistry, sometimes along with different cosmetic procedures such as hair & skin treatments. It’s never too late to rejuvenate your teeth and enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile. Teeth are amazingly strong, but a lifetime of crunching, chewing and grinding wears away the outer layer of tooth enamel and flattens biting edges.

Teeth commonly become more fragile as we age, so to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile it’s necessary to have the appropriate restorations performed in a timely manner to avoid tooth loss. No matter what your restorative needs are, our doctors can provide new life for your teeth with natural-looking restorations that will last for years to come.

If teeth need to be replaced, we’re dedicated to providing exquisite results, and we have more options than ever before to mimic what Mother Nature originally gave you. Only you need to know what’s natural and what isn’t.

“It’s never too late to rejuvenate your teeth and enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile.”

Periodontal diseases can affect people of all ages, and even the healthiest looking smiles can be at risk. They are a principal cause of tooth loss among older adults and they’re particularly dangerous because the progression of the disease is often painless; going undetected until it creates serious problems, unless discovered during a regular check-up exam

You can help to stem the advance of gum diseases, keep your mouth healthy, and continue to enjoy an inviting smile by seeing us regularly for those vital check-ups. 

If you are someone in need of restorative dentistry we can help you navigate the many options available, and recommend those that offer the best aesthetics and longevity. 

If the cost of treatment presents a challenge, our “Smile Now/Pay Later” extended payment program can help. 

Yours for better dental health, 

Put Your Best Smile Forward!

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