Our teeth are as much a part of our facial appearance as our eyes, ears, nose and skin. As such they deserve all the care and attention we can give them. A healthy mouth is a happy mouth, and a beautiful smile is a stunning symbol of youth, vitality and joy.

Advances in dentistry are making it possible for everyone to enjoy the advantages of a dazzling smile and strong teeth. Today, prevention is the name of the game. The old adage, “prevention is better than treatment” also holds true for our teeth.

It’s a scientific fact that our teeth can (and should) last us for life. However, we need to give them the care they deserve, to insure that they do.

Thanks to developments in current dental materials and techniques, teeth can now be restored with a more aesthetic and natural appearance using white fillings.

The most simple form of “white filling” is a composite. It is made up of a composite quartz resin and usually contains some sort of light sensitive agent. These light-cured composites are extremely cosmetic and most often bonded into place in just a single visit.

That’s why they are often referred to as bonding. They can be used in both the front of the mouth, as well as in your back teeth.

Composite resins are available in a variety of shades to match the colour of your own teeth. When “bonding” a filling material to your tooth, the dentist will first remove all the decay, prepare the tooth, and then condition the enamel and dentin. A thin resin is then applied which bonds to the etched surface of the tooth. After placement, these composite fillings are hardened using an intense light for a brief period of time.

The strength of composite fillings is incredible. Now, we can bond plastics, even amalgam to teeth. Bonding increases the strength of these restorations far beyond those of only a short time ago.

Another type of white filling is called an inlay. Inlays (made from composites or porcelain) are usually placed in back teeth when aesthetics is a major concern. This is a two visit procedure. However when it comes to strength and cosmetics, the extra time and expense is well worth it. To increase their strength and longevity, inlays are fabricated in the dental laboratory and then bonded into position during a second visit.

We hope today’s post provides our readers with a better understanding of the many benefits of composite white fillings.

Yours for better dental health,

Dr. James Hallam