Dental X-Rays

Are Dental X-Rays Right for You?

Are Dental X-Rays Right for You?

X-rays are a vital part of all dental care. Whether you’re suffering from an easy to spot dental issue or are just due for a checkup – regular x-rays give us the whole picture. Not only offering clear diagnostic imaging but preventative benefits to your long-term health.

A Visit To The Dentist Could Be a Life-Saver

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in Canada. This disease has an enormous impact on public health. Panoramic radiographs (x-rays) can sometimes turn up a key sign of vulnerability to stroke by detecting calcium deposits in the carotid arteries in the...

Dental X-rays Are They Really Necessary?

Until dentists can develop “Superman style” x-ray vision enabling them to see between your teeth and beneath your gum tissue, the answer is “Yes!” There are over two hundred diseases which can occur in the mouth and jaw, some of which may be...