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Is Snoring Interrupting Your Zzzzz?

Is Snoring Interrupting Your Zzzzz?

Almost everyone has an uncle, or cousin, or dad whose snoring is legendary. We often joke about these people and tell stories of how their snoring vibrates walls. However, for many families, this is no joking matter. Snoring often deprives others of sleep and sometimes leads to couples having to sleep in separate bedrooms.

Play It Safe This Summer, Get Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards For Anyone Playing Contact Sports

Custom-Designed Dental Mouth Guards Protect Against Debilitating Oral Injuries

Professionally designed dental mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of sporting equipment any active individual can have because dental injuries can result in lost time from school or employment and can be costly to treat. While a mouth guard cannot protect against every conceivable injury, it can significantly decrease the likelihood of a debilitating and perhaps facially disfiguring injury.