A Confident Smile Can Change Everything

Dr. James Hallam of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. James Hallam, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

We understand that not everyone is born with a perfect smile, however the explosion of new technologies gives us wonderful techniques and materials to create beautiful, natural looking Smiles in a manner that Was not achievable just a few short years ago. There are numerous treatment options available to provide patients with a beautiful, youthful looking smile that still makes you look & feel like yourself, but even better.

Your smile and self-confidence are priceless because you can’t put a price tag on the feelings associated with looking your very best! What does your smile say about you? What do you want it to say? If you’d like to appear younger, more attractive and vital, perhaps it’s time to take control of your smile because it’s one of the first and most important things people notice about you. If you have a career in communications, sales & marketing, or retailing a beautiful, winning smile can be essential.

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Fortunately, even subtle changes in your smile can improve your appearance and enhance your self-esteem.When you feel good about yourself, it shows… a healthy, aesthetically pleasing Smile can make all the difference; whether you’re meeting a prospective employer, a potential client or even a new friend. People are drawn to those with a contagious, attractive smile because it can put them at ease and inspire confidence.

When people look in the mirror each morning, they routinely consider their facial aesthetics. Beginning with hair & makeup, they endeavour to adjust their natural features to reflect their own standards of attractiveness.

Teeth are one of the two primary focal points of the face (eyes being the other), and a healthy, white smile positively impacts a person’s facial aesthetics, whereas broken, Crooked, misaligned, missing or discoloured teeth can distract from an otherwise pleasing appearance.

“People are drawn to those with a contagious, attractive smile because it can put them at ease and inspire confidence.”

Today, people no longer have to live with unattractive teeth. From general dentistry to all the cosmetic and restorative procedures you’ve read about or seen on TV, we can provide our patients with a wide array of treatment options. The results can be dramatic and it’s often possible to improve your smile with just a few dental visits, greatly enhancing your overall appearance.

Perhaps you should ask yourself. Are you happy with your smile? Do you sometimes feel self-conscious about your smile? If you have a less-than perfect smile, it’s easier than ever to rejuvenate your smile & your dental health, restoring life-like beauty to your teeth.

At Laurentian Dental, we’re in the business of restoring people’s smiles and enhancing their quality of life.That’s why we offer an extensive range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry to create beautiful, functional, healthy Smiles that can last a lifetime, along with flexible financial arrangements to fit almost any budget. Why not call us and discover what’s possible?

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