You Can Say “Hello” To 2018 With a Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

Dr. James Hallam of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. James Hallam, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

Best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous 2018 to all our loyal readers!

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to improve their lives, and If you find yourself smiling and expressing yourself less than you really want to because you’re uncomfortable with the unattractive appearance or condition of your teeth; now’s the perfect time to resolve to enhance your smile & improve your life.

Oral health plays an important role in our overall health. If your oral health is poor, it can put you at greater risk for disease. We think that’s enough reason to add good oral health to your new year’s resolutions for 2018. Complex dental problems can be devastating… to a person’s health … appearance … and self-confidence. Enduring a life with obvious dental deficiencies can take a toll on your self-esteem.

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year!

Many people feel self-conscious in business or social environments as they become aware of the attractive smiles around them. Fact is, many of the smiles you admire on other people were created through the scientific artistry of cosmetic dentistry. But cosmetic, implant & restorative dentistry is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.

Today, it’s an attainable dream realizable by average Canadians who want to look and feel their best. So, even if you weren’t born with a perfect smile, you may still be able to enjoy one.

Knowing that your smile doesn’t diminish your appearance can give you increased confidence in your regular day-to-day activities. The good news is that the extensive array of cosmetic & restorative dental services now available to you at Laurentian Dental can help to quickly & comfortably create beautiful, natural smiles that can transform your appearance … and more importantly the desire to smile.

Professional whitening can quickly change the brightness of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can correct the color, size and shape of your teeth and orthodontic therapy can enable us to create beautifully aligned smiles. Natural looking white fillings can be made of composite materials or porcelain that look virtually invisible when finished, and dental implants can replace missing teeth.

“Cosmetic, implant & restorative dentistry is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. Today, it’s an attainable dream realizable by average Canadians who want to look and feel their best.”

We can make personalized recommendations enabling you to enjoy a dental experience tailored to your needs and preferences. Ask yourself what you would change about your smile if the cost was affordable, there was no discomfort and only a minimal time requirement. Then consider the benefits you could gain from these improvements, in terms of social, business and personal confidence.

At Laurentian Dental, we’re dedicated to enhancing the appearance, self-esteem, dental health & function of everyone who entrusts their smile to us, with ultra-conservative treatment.

Our family-friendly, patient-centric office welcomes new patients from throughout the Kitchener Waterloo region. We’re looking forward to making 2018 the year that your smile sparkles too!

Yours for better dental heath,

Put Your Best Smile Forward!

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