Now That School’s Out, You Can Help Your Kids Enjoy a Summer Free of Dental Problems

Dr. Allen Sun of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. Allen Sun, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

Now that school holidays have begun, your children’s thoughts will probably turn to getting outside, heading to the pool, relaxing with friends, and maybe taking a summer vacation. But, it’s also a perfect time to Visit us here at the family-friendly offices of Laurentian Dental.

By seeing us during the summer holidays your child won’t need to miss School, music lessons, soccer practice or any other scheduled events for their required check-up. Our hygienists and dentists can Conduct a thorough examination, and provide your child with an appropriate dental home care regimen. Moreover, if we find something that will require more than one visit, Summertime is generally a much better time for a series of appointments than if the parent has to go to the school to pick up the child, then head to the dental office.

Youngster with his mouth wide open during checkup at the dentist's
Open wide!
Preventing tooth decay and gum disease while children are young is a much better alternative than subsequent treatment down the road. By starting early, good dental prevention habits are instilled in your child.The long term benefits are a healthy and happy smile throughout your child’s life.

While they’re here, we can review important issues like proper brushing and flossing techniques because by the age of 8, most children are capable of brushing and flossing on their own, however many children do not brush long enough to properly clean their teeth. A study by an American university revealed that too many young children only brushed for about 58 seconds, although it takes 2 to 3 minutes to effectively remove dental plaque from the mouth.

During a summer dental exam, our hygienists and dentists will look for tooth decay and gum problems in kindergarten and first graders that may affect the new permanent teeth that will be erupting in their mouths. In fifth graders, in addition to the regular check-up, our dental team concentrates on skeletal problems that may affect bites, and that can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. In eighth graders and beyond, tooth decay and periodontal disease are areas of concentration.

“By starting early, good dental prevention habits are instilled in your child.The long term benefits are a healthy and happy smile throughout your child’s life.”
Also, as dentists, we (unfortunately) see more cases of preventable dental trauma in June, July and August than in all other months combined, so for young athletes, we can custom fit professionally designed mouth guards to keep their mouths and teeth protected properly during sports, and we can counsel them about the best way to prevent oral injuries and help them survive the summer with their teeth and Smiles intact.

Summer dental visits are important for health reasons, and they can also benefit your pocketbook by translating into early detection and less expensive, more cost effective treatment. Finally, if you’re leaving on a summer vacation, it’s important that the family have dental exams to avoid any dental emergencies while away from home.

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