Sports Mouth Guards are Like a Helmet For Your Teeth, Don’t Leave Home Without One This Summer.

Dr. James Hallam of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. James Hallam, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

Did you know that professionally designed & crafted sports mouth guards prevent some 200,000 serious oral/facial injuries in elementary & high school sports alone each year? Although mouth guards are not mandatory equipment in every sport, their worth is indisputable.

As dentists interested in injury prevention, we do not recommend store bought, boil & bite mouth guards to our patients. Our patients deserve the best possible care and protection, and store-bought boil & bite mouth guards do not provide optimal protection for children and/or weekend athletes.

Professionally designed & crafted sports mouth guard

A Helmet for your Teeth

A custom made sports mouth guard made in our office is superior to store-bought products in all major criteria Such as adaptation, comfort, retention, stability and most of all safety! Because they are designed to cover all back teeth and cushion the entire jaw, they can prevent concussions caused by blows to the chin. They fit securely in the mouth and do not interfere with speech or breathing.

We see too many oral and facial injuries to children, adolescents and even adults during the summer months, that might have been prevented by the use of a mouth guard. Yes, even adults are not immune to the dangers of mouth injuries.

Fact is, facial injuries in nearly every sport can result in damage to your teeth, lips, cheeks or tongue. Aside from dental trauma, concussion avoidance is another important benefit derived from a properly designed & fitted sports mouth guard.

“Because they are designed to cover all back teeth and cushion the entire jaw, they can prevent concussions caused by blows to the chin.”

For children, adolescents and many adults, sports are about playtime. However, many sports can put your teeth at risk. That’s why it’s so important to protect your smile with a sports mouth guard.

A professionally fitted sports mouth guard can protect your teeth from getting broken, chipped, or worse; from being completely knocked out. A Victim of total tooth avulsion (knocked out teeth) who did not have the teeth properly preserved and replanted in the jaw may face lifetime dental costs ranging from $10,000. To $15,000. per tooth, along with countless hours in a dental chair later in life.

So, whatever your age or sporting interests, mouthguards are an important part of sports safety, and should be a part of your gear because they cushion blows to the face and neck that could otherwise result in serious injury. A mouthguard is especially important if a person wears fixed dental appliances such as braces or bridgework.

If your sport of choice is baseball, football, SOCCer, Or horseback riding, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, or even tennis; it’s better to play it safe than face a devastating, costly and painful oral injury.

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