Now’s The Time To Celebrate Spring With a Healthy, Revitalized Smile

Dr. Allen Sun of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. Allen Sun, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

It’s now officially Springtime! Just as you give your home a thorough spring cleaning, we would like to remind you that your mouth needs one too.

Fact is, everyone should have a professional dental cleaning and exam at least twice a year because regular semi-annual cleanings including scaling & polishing will remove the plaque & tartar that builds up over time which is nearly impossible to remove with regular brushing & flossing.

Our skilled dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth of unwanted dental junk. We’ll scrub away the plaque, together with tartar from below the gum line and in hard-to-reach areas, as well as debris from food; so you can keep your teeth bright, shiny and plaque free in order to help maintain your healthy gums.

Family of hand smilies in a spring field.

Spring Cleaning!

Your professional cleaning and dental exam gives us a chance to take a close look at your dentition and soft tissues to ensure that you don’t have any developing oral problems that might affect your health.

If we discover a developing problem such as a tiny area of decay, it can be diagnosed early and removed before it becomes a bigger and potentially painful or expensive problem to correct. Consider it “GOOD HOUSEKEEPING” for your mouth!

If you pause to think about it, you probably take better care of your car than your teeth.

Every 5,000 Km’s you change the oil because you know that if you let the oil in your car run longer than you should, gunk & deposits will build up resulting in expensive engine repairs. Well, it’s the same thing with your teeth & gums. If you allow plaque (which is oral gunk) to build up, you’re allowing harmful bacteria to infect your teeth & gums.

Now, try to imagine how hard it would be to fix that sort of problem two years down the road. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, getting a professional cleaning (including scaling & polishing to remove plaque and tartar that builds up over time) at least twice a year has a significant impact on the quality of your long-term oral health.

“If you pause to think about it, you probably take better care of your car than your teeth.”

In the case of professional teeth cleaning, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure because without regularly scheduled cleanings, plaque & tartar can attack your gums, which can lead to periodontal diseases and a number of other complications.

In fact, the bacteria associated with periodontal diseases has been linked with heart disease, blood clots, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and breast cancer.

Take some time for yourself and your teeth… schedule your spring cleaning appointment with us soon to protect your dental health and keep your smile bright and beautiful.

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