Play It Safe This Summer, Get Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards For Anyone Playing Contact Sports

Dr. Allen Sun of Laurentian Dental Centre Kitchener

Dr. Allen Sun, Laurentian Dental, Kitchener

With the summer sports season just around the corner, we’d like to remind everyone to think about safety. What do you think might happen if you (or one of your children) got hit in the mouth or jaw while playing a contact sports activity? If you weren’t wearing properly fitted mouth guard, the answer in a nutshell is: A Lot!

Participating in any contact sport without a mouth guard puts you at a higher risk for serious dental injury as well as other head injuries. For example, if you receive a blow to the head, the teeth and jaw often impact together and send a shock through the neck and spine; potentially resulting in more substantial injury than may have been the case when wearing a proper mouth guard. Making contact with anything hard like the ground, a helmet, a bat, or the head of another individual just to name a few, could have catastrophic results.

Play it safe!
A custom- fitted mouth guard is a small but smart investment that can provide valuable insurance against oral or facial injuries that could otherwise cost much more in the long run.

If you’re struck in the mouth or jaw area, a mouth guard acts as a cushion that redistributes the force of the impact so that it’s absorbed more evenly. It also helps to protect against concussions. For example, a blow from an elbow or an implement that’s transferred through the mandible and into the skull can result in serious injury, not just broken teeth. Such injuries can be very painful, often with lasting effects and can involve costly dental treatments. We suggest that a well-fitted, high quality mouth guard cannot only minimize the risk of harmful tooth injury, but also help prevent concussions resulting from blows to the head by stabilizing the mouth and surrounding area.

We strongly recommend the use of a protective mouth guard in any physical sports activity that carries risk of blows to the head or mouth.

“A custom-fitted mouth guard is a small but smart investment that can provide valuable insurance.”
A custom-fitted, mouth guard from Laurentian Dental can protect the teeth, tongue, lips and soft tissue in and around the mouth. It will be comfortable to wear and could save a small fortune in medical &dental expenses, while providing you with protection from serious injuries that could negatively impact the rest of your life.

A mouth guard from Laurentian Dental is made to an exact model of your teeth, so it fits perfectly. It will be easy to clean and won’t affect your ability to speak, swallow or breathe properly. It doesn’t require that you hold it in place by biting on it. Those universal mouth guards found at drug stores or sports stores are not capable of creating a proper fit to your teeth and often feel loose and bulky, thus providing less protection, leaving you more susceptible to injury.

The doctors at Laurentian Dental have your best interest at heart and can provide professionally crafted mouth guards for you and your children that optimize facial protection when playing contact sports such as basketball, softball, football, volleyball, soccer, cycling, boxing, field hockey, and skateboarding to name a few.

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This article has been updated from it’s original posting in June of 2015.

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